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The Upcoming Bluebird Banked Slalom

by Sarah29. March 2012 22:25

We're taking it back to the grassroots level this Sunday, March 6, 2012 with one of the most classic snowboarding events ever – The Banked Slalom. As I'm writing this, the final touches are being applied to the course, in what will be a day of champions.

The first ever banked slalom was held back in 1985 as an ‘official’ competition for snowboarders. Since then they've been held at various resorts and we'd like to see it become an annual tradition at Sun Peaks Resort for both skiers and snowboarders.

Photo: Sam Egan

Start warming up those legs and perfecting your turns since you'll be competing against the clock on a closed banked slalom course as you head down Blue Line, into the Crystal Lift Line and to the finish at the base of the Crystal Chair. We'll be holding an open practice on Saturday, March 31, after 10am for participants to get the course dialed, stoke the excitement, and make all necessary challenges.

This Saturday, March 31, 2012 is the final day for registering, waiver signing and bib pick-up, it will be held in the Village Day Lodge Breezeway from 8:00am to 1:00pm. There are only a few spaces left as registration was limited to the first 100 entrants and commenced on Monday, March 5, 2012. All participants must be 19 years of age or older.

The categories are:
Men's Open (19+)
Women's Open (19+)
Masters' (35+)

We've got some great prizing from Molson, thanks to Oronge Boardshop and the Bluebird Day Fund for all the support in making this happen!

See you all out there on Sunday, as it's going to be a day not to miss!



Alcan Husky Nancy Greene Snow Star Festival

by Sarah26. March 2012 21:06

Around 550 kids in the Nancy Greene Ski League and their families descended on Sun Peaks Resort for the Alcan Husky Nancy Greene Snow Star Festival; a fun filled two day competition of racing, jumping and other skill testing events in-between.

Lining up for the speed trap.

'Speed Racer'

Into its 10th year, this festival is the biggest of its kind in Canada and families traveled from all over the country to bring their kids to this fantastic two day event! With over $8,000 worth of prizes up for grab the kids were showing off their talent and proving that they're tomorrow's most promising skiers.

Getting a photo with Nancy Greene.


Displaying their skill, on one of the skill courses.


Full concentration.

Racers were separated into two classes E1 for kids aged 5 – 7 and E2 for kids 8 – 12 years old. Each competitor got to have a go at each race and event. Racers go two runs down the courses and times were combined together to get the best and most even time score. Added this year was the Night Rock'n Roll Dual for K1 athletes (ages 10 – 12). With disco lights and a DJ it offered something different from the normal day races and was a huge hit with everyone that attended.

All smiles!

Uncle Chris the Clown having a go, he might need a little coaching on his form.

March Mustache Madness!

Carving the slalom race!

We look forward to everyone returning next year for the 11th year and a huge thank you to the sponsors, organizers and all the volunteers that gave up their time to help make this event another success!

Program Director for the Sun Peaks Racers: John Crichton

Lunchtime with Uncle Chris the Clown!

Fantastic turnout for the awards ceremony!

For more photos head to our Facebook page here and for more information on races and events follow the Sun Peaks Racers Facebook page here.



The World Famous Sun Guides!

by Sarah22. March 2012 21:08

It comes as no surprise that our Sun Guides are consistently ranked one of the best resort experiences by our guests! It's a complimentary, friendly mountain tour available for skiers and snowboarders of all levels and abilities.

I chose to go along and experience one of their fabulous tours myself. We gathered around 9:00am near the Village Day Lodge for the 9:15am tour. You can't miss them with their big smiles and their bright orange jackets which say "Sun Guide" on the back! We had a quick discussion over each person's ability and then headed on up the lift.

The group sizes vary from day-to-day, it can consist of only you and the guide but there have been as many as 70 people in a group. With bigger groups there is usually a lead and a tail guide on the tour, so nobody gets left behind! I was lucky enough to get the royal treatment and headed out on a private tour with one of the veteran guides - Thor. He has been with the Sun Guides for 11 years and knows Sun Peaks Resort like the back of his hand. He knows where all the secret stashes are and what runs are best under the variety of different conditions.

The snow was falling so we headed straight up to the Crystal Chair; where we dropped into Rice Bowl and down into Spillway. Now I have been down these runs before but like most of the fabulous reviews our Sun Guides receive, Thor took me through a part I've never been down before! If this was a paid service it would've been money well spent as we were both enjoying fresh un-tracked lines!

As I mentioned earlier the tours cater to all ability levels, and terrain preferences. From gentle groomed slopes to bumps to powder, the guides can take you to the terrain you want to ski. Although participants must be able to ski or ride green runs with confidence, making strong parallel turns. Sun Guide tours are not a lesson, nor are they certified to offer instruction but they can take you on a very enjoyable experience!

I highly recommend heading out with them especially since; apart from the meeting times of 9:15am and 1:00pm there is no 'set time' to the tour and you can drop off whenever you feel comfortable. Although usually around 80% of the group return again for the afternoon session... If not for multiple day tours!

For more information and feedback please click here.



The Friday Race Series

by Sarah19. March 2012 18:44

One of our most popular weekly events is The Friday Race Series; it's a recreational racing event for all level of skiers and snowboarders. Racers are split up into Local and Visitor categories and then into further age divisions. We've had competitors as young as three and todays oldest was 71. With your race entry fee you get two timed runs and a chance at medals and prizing.

This event has been running since the Tod Mountain days and Sun Peaks Resort is one of the only resorts to offer a weekly recreational fun race. Making it very popular with around 50 – 70 local and visiting competitors each week!

There was a quick inspection of the track, to make sure everything was in top condition and then the racing commenced at 12pm on the dot! The level of each skier varied from the seasoned pro to people just wanting to ‘give it a go’ but no matter the level, everyone was having fun.

This coming Friday the 23rd is the final race for the season and along with the regular prizing, our fastest local throughout the series will be crowned and awarded the grand prize.

Once the races are complete and times are tallied, everybody heads to Masa's Bar + Grill for celebratory drinks and prize giving. Here you can sit back, have a laugh and share your experiences of the day.

Thanks to the Rosedale on Robson Hotel and Masa's Bar + Grill for sponsoring the Friday Race Series and supplying such fantastic prizes and to all the volunteers, because without them giving up their time each week we wouldn't have such a fun event!

See you this Friday for the Grand Finale!


The North Face Dirty Feet Shoeshoe Fun Run

by Sarah9. March 2012 21:31

Back for their second season, the Dirty Feet Snowshoe Fun Run came to Sun Peaks. The trails were looking spectacular, albeit a little tight, as over the past couple of weeks we had been getting fresh snow almost every day.

snowshoe Canada

snowshoe Canada

snowshoe ski resort

The 40 competitors of all ages were all geared up as they waited for the start to be called and once it was they were off! I was actually taken a little by surprise at the speed they were going in their showshoes. It was like they were just running in regular sport shoes!

snowshoe ski resort

snowshoe ski resort

snowshoe Canada

snowshoe ski resort

While the competitors made their way through the course I had a quick chat with Phil Hiom one of the organisers and driving force behind the Trail Series events.

How long has the event(s) been running?
We are into our 2nd season; we also have summer trail races and mountain biking races.

How many races are in the series?
There are currently two races in the snowshoe series, but there are 10 events in total, eight during the summer and two in the winter.

Is there an age limit to competitors?
No, last year we had a four year old compete and the oldest today is 69.

How far do people travel for these events?
We've got people here today from Kimberly and Nanaimo.

What shoes do you recommend for Snowshoeing?
What ever you feel most comfortable in, sport shoes, hiking boots etc.

How is the course at Sun Peaks Resort?
It’s a fantastic course with an amazing back drop and the slight incline at the finish encourages competitors to push it for that last little bit.

What is your mission?
Our mission is to provide a fun and comfortable environment for people to get off the road. With courses that are fun, safe, and still challenging.

Anything more to add?
Thanks to North Face and all of our sponsors and to Sun Peaks Resort for hosting us, we're looking forward to coming back for our trail race on September 8, 2012 and again for next year's Snowshoe Fun Run.

The results of the day are as follows:

Womens 10 Km Results
1st. Yvonne Timewell – 1:06:57
2nd. Jennifer Elfenbein – 1:11:32
3rd. Nancy Hudson – 1:18:15

snowshoe Canada

Womens 5 Km Results
1st. Elise Desjardine – 0:38:02
2nd. Deanna Stout – 0:43:51
3rd. Daniela Doebler – 0:44:35

snowshoe Canada

Mens 10 Km Results
1st. David Takahashi Kamloops – 1:07:51
2nd. Brad Maki Kamloops – 1:09:52
3rd. David Graham Kamloops – 1:18:30

snowshoe ski resort

Mens 5 Km Results
1st. Todd Downie – 0:38:34
2nd. Rob Wiebe – 0:41:15
3rd. Roberto Klarich – 0:43:39

snowshoe Canada

It was one of my first introductions to snowshoeing Canada and like the snowmobiles; snowshoeing is not very common in New Zealand either. So since Sun Peaks is also a snowshoe ski resort, it was great to experience it at such an awesome and fun event!

You can check out all the results, information regarding the entire Trail Series and upcoming events on their website at www.dirtyfeet.ca and for more photos head to our Facebook page here.

There's just under one month left of the season, so let's make the most of it!


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Snowmobiling Canada!

by Sarah4. March 2012 13:14

Since arriving in Canada and spending the majority of my time at winter destinations, it seems that almost every local has a snow mobile or “sled”. In New Zealand they are practically non-existent; mainly because it's not common to own one and also there are fewer areas to take them. So having the opportunity to go out on one... I couldn't say no!

We meet our guide Colin outside the Adventure Centre and headed off to the where the sleds were waiting for us. We were all prepared, but they have all the equipment necessary in case you forget anything. A quick run through and we were off, heading up past P6 and over a couple of alpine trails we got onto the snowmobile tracks and headed off into the backcountry.  

bc snowmobile canada

bc snowmobile

snowmobiling in canada

snowmobiling canada

Winding our way up the hill we got to a wide open flat section where we could really test the power and sped of our sleds. It had snowed about 15cm the day before so the conditions were perfect for snowmobiling.  

There are two tours available; a two hour and a four hour. We were on the two hour tour and you cover a large area around the resort. The difference with the four hour tour is you head out a lot further and you're at a lower altitude, allowing for a better chance to see some wildlife i.e. moose, deer, etc.

Every now and then as we made our way around the scenic trails, we would come into big powder fields which we could play in and “go hard!” We went past both Morrisey and McGillivray Lake as we started the return journey home via a quick stop at an igloo the guides had built this season.

snowmobiling in canada

snowmobile canada

bc snowmobile

snowmobile canada

snowmobiling canada

bc snowmobile

snowmobiling in canada

It was an awesome experience and another huge highlight to my Canadian adventure! I might have to make the investment and buy myself a sled now!

Check out the video below of my Sun Peaks snowmobile adventure and click on the link for information on snowmobiling in Canada tours.


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