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Sun Peaks Resort Blog

Every End Has A New Beginning.

by Sarah11. April 2012 22:53

The last day of the season couldn't have been any better! The weather was fantastic and the slush cup was an absolute riot; as the brave costumed participants hurled their way down the ramp into the icy cold water below!

The rest of the day was all spring fling and slushy and with the sun sharing copious amount of vitamin D around, everyone was stoked to be out on the final day of the season. I had a great day riding around with my brother and friends, as we hot lapped Sundance and dropped in and out of the park; topping it all off with a couple of ice cold cerveza's. The perfect end to a spectacular day!

I'm happy to have picked Sun Peaks Resort as my destination for a Canadian winter season, as it has offered me some of the best all round conditions I've ever had. There have been multiple days with knee deep powder, perfectly groomed trails to carve, awesome tree runs and an epic terrain park! Of course along with the ups there've been downs; with board breakages and injuries but that all comes with the territory of being awesome! I've always lived with the motto “for every negative there is a positive” and the off days only added to my passion of being back out on the mountain; enjoying some epic days with like-minded people!

To everyone I worked with, shared a lift with, shredded a run, lapped the park, talked and laughed with, thank you for making my time here a memorable one! Wherever you go on your next journey, I wish you all the best!

Winter is only about seven months away, until then enjoy the summer!



Tod Mountain Days - End of Winter

by Sarah11. April 2012 12:34

Over the Easter weekend, we wrapped up winter with our annual end of season events. We had an Easter Egg Bonanza in which the Easter Bunny had hidden a bunch of chocolate eggs along 5 Mile. There was a fantastic turn out and the kids were over the moon when the Easter Bunny himself made an appearance. Soon after the madness of the egg hunt we held the Dummy Downhill. Teams could construct there dummies however they wanted the only big rule was the dummies had to be free of any living cells, explosives, or remote controls!

First place was awarded to team 'Skeleton' with their coffin and its occupant soaring sky high. Team '50th' sweetened the deal earning the second place position and Team 'Red Barron' flew into third place.

On the Monday we held the Slush Cup which was a huge crowd pleaser and hands down the funniest competition to happen on the slopes of Sun Peaks Resort all winter long. Participants had to mentally prepare themselves to hurl their costumed bodies across an ice cold slush pond with the goal of making it to the dry shores at the far end of the pond... That never happened but a few came close.

The overall winners were:

1.    Maurice

2.    Bob

3.    Jan

The other category winners were:

Top Costume: Madeline as the wizard.
Best Style: Sebastian
Crowd Applause: Jack

During the entire weekend people rocked out in their vintage outerwear, rear entry boots, straight skis and neon one piece outfits for the "Retro Weekend" theme and being bluebird all weekend long, the fluorescent zinc could be spotted from a mile away!

It was a fantastic few days and a great way to end the 2011/12 season! A huge thanks goes to our sponsor Kamloops Computer Centre.

See you again next season; it's only seven months away!



The Bluebird Banked Slalom

by Sarah6. April 2012 19:25

We hosted our first ever banked slalom over the weekend and it was a huge success! Even the blizzard that blew in, bringing 13cm of champagne powder; affecting visibility and speed didn't put people off! Perhaps because it allowed for fresh tracks between runs!

The anticipation grew as the 80 competitors ascended Crystal Chairlift to get to the starting point and the time had come to back up any bragging that had been going on. Even with the blizzard affecting visibility people were going hard and setting some impressive times!

The results/times are as follows (fastest first):

Mens Masters Board
Name    Time
Carl Cowtan    1.32.73
Tyler Meade    1.40.47
Dom Koric    1.41.66
Ryan clements    1.41.69
Todd Feschick    1.44.34
Jake Gelowitz    1.45.59
Jase Petersen    1.45.72
Dave shaw    1.46.93
Jas Deol    1.47.09
David Koleszar    1.47.45
Matthew Ilnicki    1.47.58
Kent Thiessen    1.48.20
Peter Wilson    1.53.59
Don Lott    1.56.08
Horst Lehmann    1.58.16
Greg Garrett    2.09.12
Brett Tippie    DNS
Michael Costigan    DNS
Curtis Brownlee    DSQ

Mens Masters Ski
Name    Time   

Todd Collier    1.19.64
James Huser    1.21.96
Rob Palmer    1.23.49
Adam Earle    1.25.17
Robert Beaudry    1.25.68
Rudi Eiter    1.25.84
Bill Kals    1.26.69
Ian McLaren    1.26.99
Kenny Dale    1.29.91
Andre Grether    1.30.19
Tyler Meade    1.32.28
Ian Gossage    1.32.85
Dennie Mceachen    1.34.27
Scott Whitecross    1.34.99
Don Gagnon    1.36.86
Gary Wilmot    1.42.08
Len Andrews    1.45.15
Earl Mattice    2.00.54
Gerald Allgaier    DNS

Womens Board
Name    Time

Desiree Janzen    1.42.53
Marlee Marchewka    1.45.24
Erin Vogan    1.48.00
Meghan Kolodka    1.49.39
Chelsey Zaugg    1.56.18
Jodi Cowtan    1.57.13
Hannah Coulter    DSQ

Womens Ski
Name    Time

Leni Reichor    1.32.49
Caitlin McKinlay    1.41.97
Joan Gardner    1.53.40
Crystal Gillingham    2.10.12
Sarah McDiarmid    DNF
Emma Whitman    DSQ

Mens Open Board
Name    Time

Ross Thompson    1.35.77
Tim Work    1.37.67
Josef Riegler    1.40.16
Graham Rohrmoser    1.43.15
Joel Cerrie Switch    1.43.95
Jeff Palatnick    1.45.71
Chris Duffry    1.50.95
Ryan Dunn    1.53.81
Bevan Ernst    1.54.10
Chris Nowak    2.12.07
Jonathan Millar    DSQ
Ryan Wilkinson    DSQ
Joel Cerrie    DSQ
John Hinch    DSQ
Mens Open Ski
Name          Time   
Kieran Nikula    1.21.10
Jame McLeod    1.26.95
Dylan Stevens    1.28.11
Brett Dawley    1.28.54
Shawn Kisielins    1.29.00
Geoff Hatch    1.31.49
Jean-Francois Simard    1.34.71
Chance Adolf    2.14.40
Nick Morgan    DNS
Waldemar Mochalski    DSQ

It was an awesome event which everyone was stoked on! People were even boasting that the BlueBird Banked Slalom was the finest event they have ever been part of, despite Mother Nature’s efforts! By the end of the day people were already talking about next year! 

A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved; all the sponsors, Seth and the grooming team, the Events department, all the volunteers for braving the conditions, Oronge Boardshop and theBluebird Day Fund.

We look forward to next year's event, which I'm sure will be bigger and better and hopefully have some nicer weather!