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Adaptive Snow Sports Festival

by Sarah6. February 2012 12:06

It was a perfect bluebird weekend as we hosted the Adaptive Snow Sports Festival. The theme for this year was “we can do this”; highlighting the work of students, volunteers and instructors involved with the adaptive program.

The group behind it all is the ASSP (Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks) and has been operating for 5 seasons. I spoke with Dick (one of the founders) and Terry Taylor about ASSP which operates as a NPO. Since starting they have relied on the generosity of many organizations to raise money or donate the necessary equipment needed for adaptive skiing; Sun Peaks Resort has supplied them with uniforms and offers local students a special rate on passes, only $10 for a day pass or $100 for a season pass. The North Kamloops Rotary, Blazers Sports Foundation and the Canadian Paralympics Committee are just a few of the organizations that have donated money towards their latest sit skis. ASSP are consistently looking for more volunteers and always open for donations. (Click here to go to their website).

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, you have to be a strong and confident skier as Level 1 only takes a weekend to achieve and its run by DSABC (Disabled Skiers Association of BC). You will then need one full season of real life experience to move onto level 2 which focuses on 4 track and 3 track skiing. After that you can progress onto level 2a aimed at more specific areas.

Being our 5th year of adaptive skiing programs at Sun Peaks Resort the popularity has continued to grow and we now have the addition of the Sno-Limo! The Sno-Limo is designed for everybody - young or old, able-bodied or disabled. I spoke with creator Paul Auger about the Sno-Limo, he said “it came about as he wanted EVERYBODY to enjoy and experience the snow and the rush of skiing down a hill!” These are the first of its kind as there is no other product/service out there which can cater to both able and disabled bodied persons. I took the opportunity to enjoy a ride in one and it was AWESOME! They are made in Canada and built so tough, that they can go down almost any run! However they normally stick to the groomed green and blue runs. They were pleased to be here and we are please to have them! Check out their website here for more info.

The following day the Guesstimation Race was held, although I was not able to attend I heard it was a lot of fun and they could give most ski racers a run for their money!

It was such an inspiring weekend, I will leave you with a quote from Terry Taylor which to me sums up the whole weekend “there are so many adaptions to way we can ski; we're only limited to our imagination!”

Have fun out there!


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