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Bluebird Banked Slalom

by Sarah20. February 2013 10:37

Conditions were stellar on Sunday with 8cm of fresh snow and nothing but blue skies across the resort. While many hit the slopes to celebrate the start of their President's week vacation a number of others headed straight to check out all the action of the Bluebird Banked Slalom.

Back for its second year, the Bluebird Banked Slalom is a fun community event and a highly anticipated occurrence of the Sun Peaks winter calendar. This year's event was a long time in the making with a brand new course and location just off to the right of 5 Mile. It took months of grooming to ensure that the Hully Gully course was even bigger and better than last years - and it didn't disappoint!

Skiers and boarders had a blast racing against the clock, all keen to get their hands on some awesome prizes and of course a much sought after trophy. Spectators were treated to a great show as the racers sped down the super-fast course with some epic wipe-outs along the way.

After a fantastic day of friendly competition Masa's Bar + Grill hosted the official after party where participants were buzzing and more than willing to reward their efforts with a well-deserved beer or two...

$15 from each entry fee was donated towards the Bluebird Day Fund, a local charity which was set up in memory of Bryn Taylor. The event raised over $1500 for the fund whose mission is to support local skiers and riders in their growth and development. For more information on the Bluebird Day Fund click here.


Men’s masters board
1st Kent Koach Thiessen 1.39.02
2nd Brett Tippie 1.39.97
3rd Ryan Clements 1.44.57
4th Dom Koric 1.49.48
5th Dave Shaw 1.50.34
6th David Kolzar 1.51.05
7th Chad Hampton 1.58.99
8th Curt Brownlee 1.59.21
9th Lee Wilson 2.05.03
10th Chris Nowak 2.14.62
11th Peter Garvey 2.18.38
12th Jase Peterson 2.30.56

Men’s masters’ ski
1st Robert Palmer 1.30.52
2nd Adam Earle 1.31.89
3rd Greg Rutledge 1.33.86
4th Scott Whitecross 1.40.63
5th Brad Heyman 1.45.66
6th Gerald Allgaiger 1.45.70
7th Don Gagnon 1.46.46
8th John Grinter 2.07.63
9th Jas Doel 2.22.88
10th Chris Seely DNF

Men’s open board
1st Graham Rohrmoser 1.26.72
2nd Ross Thompson 1.35.93
3rd Tim Work 1.39.21
4th Graham Birdman 1.41.67
5th Danny Web 1.42.02
6th Devin Knopf 1.46.75
7th Bryan Lupul 1.54.38
8th Chayse Marshal 1.56.23
9th Alan Hay 1.59.73
10th Jess Kiesel 2.00.43
11th Matthew Harris 2.09.28

Men’s open ski
1st Kieran Nikula 1.24.77
2nd Luke Harrison 1.27.2
3rd James Huser 1.27.53
4th James Mcloud 1.31.66
5th Dylan Stevens 1.32.30
6th Ben Issacs 1.33.20
7th Jason Jones 1.35.42
8th Parker Blackstock 1.36.78
9th Brandon Harris 1.40.17
10th Tim Abbey 2.22.65

Women’s board
1st Desiree Janzen 1.48.21
2nd Jennica Lowell 1.51.75
3rd Jessica Kinear 1.51.77
4th Khai Bhagwandin 1.53.49
5th Erin Vogan 1.53.89
6th Caitlin Brown 1.56.02
7th Rebecca Hill 2.01.98
8th Chelsea Zaugg 2.02.41
9th Shannon Hay 2.06.27
10th Jenna Ross 2.11.88
11th Katie Anne Rowat 2.14.85

Combi ski and board 2 run combined score
1st Tyler Meade 2.79.71
2nd Colby Olson 2.93.56
3rd Clark Hooton 3.38.19
4th Dave Kuan 3.46.11

 Photos courtesy of Royce Sihlis Photography


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