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Ladies Day

by Sarah16. February 2013 11:34

Whether it’s improving technique, conquering steeper terrain, tackling moguls or exploring glades, when it comes to hitting the slopes there is always something that we can, and want to, get better at. Although, often when you’ve been skiing for a while it’s all too easy to get complacent and you need someone else to really push you to the next level. Ladies Day offers us females the chance to step it up a notch but in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Last Thursday I joined the ladies for what was a fantastic day of skiing and dining! After being divided in to small groups based on individual ability we headed off for a warm up run. Our instructor Liz wanted to know what particular things we each wanted to improve on so she could make sure to cover it during the lesson. We then spent the morning focusing on technique over a range of different terrain. After a 2 hour lesson, we met back up with the other groups at Mantles Restaurant for a delicious lunch. We all sat together and chatted about the runs we had skied and what we had learned as well as our shared passion for skiing at Sun Peaks!

There are definitely varying motivations for attending Ladies Day, of the 3 other women in my group one was a regular attendee who lives locally while the other two were on vacation from Canada and Australia. When I asked them why they decided to attend one lady said she was struggling to keep up with her husband and son and so was hoping to improve her confidence, while another said she liked the social aspect of the day - the fact that you can share your love of skiing with other like-minded women. Whatever your motivations are for attending there’s no denying that there are lessons to be learned and serious fun to be had!

Ladies day takes place every Thursday and provides women of all ability levels the chance to not only improve their technique and build confidence on the mountain but make new friends along the way. A wonderful experience that I would highly recommend! For more information on Ladies Day click here.



BC Family Day at Sun Peaks

by Sarah14. February 2013 17:23

The sun was shining and the days were warm all through the first ever BC Family Day long weekend. We saw a huge number of families hit the slopes with their loved ones and there were happy faces to be seen all over the mountain! On Sunday kids were treated to face painting, Uncle Chris the Clown and the famous penguin belly slide dual and with 50% off lift tickets on Monday, there was no better way to spend the day. It was a fabulous weekend of awesome skiing and fun family times - See you all again next year!


Nordic Skiing

by Sarah12. February 2013 17:36

After a busy start to 2013, I've finally had the chance to pursue my new year's resolution of learning to Nordic ski. I admit it's not something that I've wanted to try for that long but since arriving at Sun Peaks I've heard so much about it and its popularity intrigued me.

I decided to take the Introduction to Nordic Skiing program as the package has beginners like me covered with a 2 hour lesson, rentals and a lift pass. I did some research and spoke with some Nordic skiers about which technique to go with and in the end I opted for classic over skate. The guys at Elevation decked me out with the gear and the first think I noticed was the equipment - the boots are so comfortable and the skis are so light!

We spent the first hour of the lesson learning the basics and doing exercises to help us get familiar with the technique. I was a little disheartened at the beginning and forgot how learning something new can test your patience! Our instructor Christian was fantastic and helped us each individually until we felt comfortable with what we needed to do. After the first hour, it all started to come together and I began to really enjoy it.

The best thing about Nordic skiing is that it's great cardio exercise and a total body workout. I also like that it's quite social and relaxed - you can go with a friend and ski together at the same pace. It's also an ideal way to explore the mountains and check out some of the stunning scenery that we have around here. I've already made plans to do the Holy Cow trail over the weekend and I'm attending the Full Moon Nordic Ski and Chocolate fondue event at the end of the month. While alpine skiing will always be my number 1, I like that I can now mix things up and some variety when it comes to winter sports.






Snowmobiling at Sun Peaks

by Sarah5. February 2013 10:13

If you want to discover a new way to shred pow, then ditch the skis or snowboard for a few hours and hop on a snowmobile. As i recently discovered - it's a whole new world of fun times!

After meeting with our guide Jerry from BC snowmobile tours, we got fitted with protective gear and were given an overview on how the mobiles work. It was a chilly day and so I was pretty stoked to discover that the handlebars had electric heat warmers! We then headed off into the Sun Peaks back country where we rode a variety of different terrain - from cruising at high speed through wide open fields to carefully winding our way around relatively narrow tree trails. The scenery was stunning and unlike anything else I have seen since being at Sun Peaks. At one point we came across a fallen down tree which blocked our path, but Jerry was well equipped with his saw and the obstacle was soon removed. It was a great afternoon and as the only female driver in the group, I was pleased to be able to keep up with the boys - much to the surprise of Jerry and the rest of the group!

I admit that I'm a bit of an adventure sport enthusiast and so was eager to get behind the wheel, but you don't have to be a thrill seeker to enjoy snowmobiling! Tours cater for all abilities as well as individual needs so they can be a perfect family activity too. There are a number of different tours available; from a 2 or 4 hour trip to an evening expedition which includes a campfire and wiener roast dinner. Regardless of which tour you chose or where you explore, there's something really cool about being able to hammer a throttle and speed through white fluffy powder in a way you never will on your skis or board! For more information on Sun Peaks snowmobile tours click here





Australia Day at Sun Peaks

by Sarah30. January 2013 12:13

It seems like no matter where you go in the world, Aussies are everywhere and Sun Peaks is no exception. This was certainly evident on Saturday when a large number of us hit the slopes to celebrate Australia Day. You couldn't miss the large group of flag bearing, boxer short and bikini wearing guys and girls who, despite the freezing temps descended down 5 Mile like they were still down under!

Back home we celebrate our national day with parties and BBQ's with friends and family. Many will spend the day swimming at the beach or playing cricket in the backyard. While it's always a great day, i think that all the Aussies here at Sun Peaks, both workers and visitors were more then content spending Australia Day shredding the slopes at a world class ski resort - I know i sure was!



The 15th Annual Festival of Wine

by Sarah23. January 2013 11:08

Wine, food and more wine was the focus of the past week and what a wonderful week it’s been! Après-skiing was once again taken to new heights and epicureans were in for a treat with a food and wine pairing event to suit every taste.

With so many amazing events on the agenda such as Port, Chocolate and Cheese, Mixology to Music and the Blind Tasting Party it was a tough decision for many people to decide which ones to attend. I opted for the signature event – the Progressive Tasting and I can definitely see why it’s not only one of the highlights of the Wine Festival but of the entire winter events calendar!

The village was buzzing on Friday night with over 650 people from all over Canada and the world eager to sample some of the Okanagan region’s finest wines. I spoke with one couple from Washington who have attended the event every year for the past 7 years, always making sure that their Sun Peaks vacation falls over the 3rd weekend in January. For others, it was their first progressive tasting experience but if they’re anything like me, one thing’s for sure it won’t be their last!

Between sips of Merlot, Chardonnay and delicious Icewines, people compared their routes taken on the maps provided as well as their favourite wines of the night. Everyone certainly got jollier as the evening went on, with many ending up dancing in the village streets to the music provided by the live band and DJ! There was no doubt a few sore heads on Saturday but I guess that’s to be expected when there are so many wineries showcasing their best drops!

It’s been another fantastic Festival which has highlighted both the quality of Okanagan wines and the suburb culinary expertise of all the restaurants at Sun Peaks. We just can’t wait to do it all again next year!


After all that racing, it’s now time to wine and dine

by Sarah16. January 2013 10:01

The sun was shining for our 7th Annual Sun Peaks Family Cup on Saturday and despite the freezing temperatures we saw a record number of competitors as well as some enthusiastic spectators who came down to cheer them on!

While there’s no doubt that the Canadians and Australians dominated each of the divisions there was also a number of English and Kiwi racers who did their countries proud. The Linder’s from Canada smashed their competition in the family category taking 1st place with a 6 second lead on the next fastest family, the Avery’s also from Canada. 3rd place was the Reid family from Australia who narrowly missed out on 2nd place by less than a quarter of a second!

Strong times in both the individual and group categories meant that Australia were once again this year’s overall winners of the Family Cup, with a total of 20 points! Canada came a close 2nd with 18 points followed by England in 3rd place. Click here for a full list of individual, family and group results.

While the Sun Peaks Family Cup celebrations may have come to an end for another year the fun and festivities definitely haven’t, particularly for the adults who can now indulge their après-ski desires! Wining and dining is the focus at the 15th Annual Sun Peaks festival of Wine, with culinary events, wine tasting and educational seminars taking place every day until January 20th! Check out the program for more info on the various activities!



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Family Events

The 7th Annual Sun Peaks Family Cup

by Sarah10. January 2013 13:05

Over the past week we’ve seen families from all over the world and people of all ages take part in a variety of fun activities and friendly competitions!

The celebrations got off to a great start on Sunday at the 4th Annual Sun Peaks Kookaburra Cup! The cross country loppet has continued to grow over the past couple of years and this year we not only saw a record number of participants but also two additional longer courses for the more advanced Nordic skiers. So if all goes according to plan with my Nordic skiing New Year’s resolution I’ll definitely be competing next year! To view the full results from the Kookaburra Cup click here.


Yesterday it was all about the kids as they battled it out at the obstacle course! It was a female dominated affair as girls from Canada, Australia and New Zealand climbed, ducked, jumped and skied their way around the course alongside the only male competitor – Barney the Kangaroo! Barney did put up a good fight but the girls were too good and in the end the Canadians took home the gold medal! So now the question remains can Australia, last year’s winning country keep hold of the coveted Family Cup trophy or will the Canadian’s have a home snow advantage?!


If you’re planning on representing your family and country at the signature race on Saturday then there’s still time for some last minute practice! The final gates training session will take place between 11am and 1pm tomorrow and don’t forget Friday Race Series kicks off this week so that gives you another chance to practice your turns!


If racing isn’t your thing then head to one of parties that we have happening over the next few days! Today is the skating party, tomorrow is the welcome reception party and Monday is the tubing party – the final event of this year’s Family Cup celebrations! A full program of events can be found here.


Good luck to everyone who is competing on Saturday! Enjoy the family fun and may the best country win!

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Family Events

Here's to 2013!

by Sarah3. January 2013 10:19

The past few weeks of 2012 not only saw a number of incredible powder days but also some great events both on and off the slopes! The personal highlight for me, other than experiencing my first ever white Christmas was seeing the village come to life for Santa’s Alpine Visit! I also had an amazing New Year’s Eve and there’s no denying that the year definitely ended with a bang at the celebrations on Monday night. It was an epic sendoff to 2012 and those that made it down to the village were not disappointed by the tricks thrown down at the First Flight Big Air Invitational, Dan Oig singing live on stage, the fantastic fireworks and of course the torchlight parade! It must have been a big night for many of you as the slopes were suspiciously quiet on New Year’s morning!


As we enter another year, I thought it would be appropriate to make some ski season specific New Year’s resolutions. On top of just improving my skiing on more difficult terrain I’ve also decided I’d like to pick up a new winter sport – I’ve tried snowboarding before (without success!) and so I’ve decided to give Nordic Skiing a go! I’ve heard so much about it, particularly since being at Sun Peaks and since it’s meant to be great exercise I’ve really got nothing to lose! I’ve booked myself in for the Introduction to Nordic Skiing program and I’ll be sure to let you all know how I get on!


2013 is already looking great; we’ve had some beautiful sunny days and yesterday the 7th Annual Sun Peaks Family Cup got underway! Over the next two weeks there are a number of family activities, events and competitions going on with the signature race taking place on Saturday, January 12th. Make sure you check out the schedule of events for more details.


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a fun and fulfilling 2013 with lots of free time to hit the slopes and of course plenty of powder days, first lifts and fresh tracks!

Photos courtesy of Nathanael Kotzur!

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A Fondue Dinner and Evening Descent!

by Sarah28. December 2012 08:30

Calling all skiing and boarding enthusiasts! If the thought of cruising down the slopes at night with just a handful of other people sounds pretty cool to you then I would suggest attending a fondue dinner and evening descent! I guess it goes without saying but cheese and chocolate lovers you’re in for a treat with this one too!


Last week was the first event for the season and I was fortunate enough to take part. After we met our guides we headed up the Sunburst Chair which opens especially for the occasion. It was a pretty unique experience being on a chairlift in the dark and after I shook the thought of getting stuck up there like in the movie ‘Frozen’ I was able to appreciate the serenity of the mountains at night!


When we arrived at the Sunburst Restaurant we were offered a selection of meat, bread and vegetables and a delicious cheese fondue and mushroom broth to dip it all in! As if that wasn’t enough, we were then treated to chocolate fondue and fresh fruit and marshmallows to accompany it! Communal dining tables meant we were able to chat with other guests from all over the world and live music set the tone for what was a wonderful dining experience.


We all left the restaurant feeling satisfyingly full and eager to hit the slopes for our descent back to the village! As we made our way down one by one, all you could hear was the sound of your own skis carving the freshly groomed run. I feel pretty confident saying that even the biggest powder hounds will be able to appreciate a groomed 5 Mile at night! For more information on this incredible winter activity click here!

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