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Recent News
We don't want to say too much about summer 2014, BUT
New Machine Built Trails Ready to Ride!

The lads have been busy out there pouring blood, sweat and tears into the Bike Park trails these past few weeks, shaping and grooming each swath of trail the big yellow machine rips apart. Our guests have asked for more intermediate, machine built trails and we've delivered with all new sections of Ain't No Scrubs, Wagon Wheel, and Home Run. We met up with park shredder Brett Power to check out the new work and snap a few photos.

Ain't No Scrubs has seen a major reroute around the long and low tables that once dominated the upper section. Drop into this blue trail and you'll find yourself railing a pile of fresh berms with a big 'ol roller hip, rejoining the previous trail just before the step-up. Check out Brett's steez in the header image!

Wagon Wheel has been COMPLETELY reworked as a machine built trail; wide, smooth, flowy and SUPER fun! Tons of rollers, berms, smaller jumps, and plenty of transitions between each. Access this previously hidden gem from 5 Mile Road, and try linking it up with Barn Burner for machine built bliss.

Homerun has also seen some serious lovin' this past week. This long and fast blue trail has been resurfaced after years of cumulative brake assault, with lots of new berms, rollers, and a few reroutes through the woods. The wooden bridges have been removed for the most part and those that remain have been flattened, so you can come at them quicker without getting bucked by the small lips we've all become familiar with.

Enjoy the new machine work out there and if you happen to pass the trail crew on your descent, toss a few high fives their way for all the hard work they've put into our riding pleasure this summer. 

See you on the trails,
Sun Peaks Bike Park Team 

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Sugar: The Grand Reopening

A couple of our favourite trails, Sugar and Sweet One, were closed last summer in order to remove a large volume of bug kill timber. Crews have been working hard since to clear the area and today we were able to open the majority of Sugar, from the top to Homesteader Road. Kurtis and Lachlan from Kamloops' Bicycle Café joined us this morning to sample the goods.

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Flowing Smooth Smoothie with a new Way Out

What a phenomenal start to the Bike Park season we've seen already! We hit the ground running with some hot and clear weather right off the bat, drying all the residual moisture the late spring had left us with, followed by a huge turnout of racers for our Canada Cup and BC Cup races. Slowly getting back to reality and our day-to-day office lives, we thought it high time to again reconnect with our trail crew to check out their progress on our beginner machine-made trail, Smooth Smoothie.

With some long sought-after machine time at their disposal, the boys are in the midst of a total rework on this trail. We met up with Kamloops This Week's Sports Writer Marty Hastings for an introductory lesson, tour, and overview of the Bike Park. Having never pedaled a mountain bike before, all it took was a few pointers and Marty was ready to sample the top two thirds of a vastly new and improved Smooth Smoothie. Complete with low angle berms on practically every corner and rollers in between to amp up the fun factor, even seasoned pros will be stoked to bring their beginner friends out for a couple runs down this fun and flowy route.

The bane of Smoothie's existence ever since its inception has always been the loose and shaley hold-on-for-dear-life bomb down a section of Ridge ski run, until now. Way Out has been constructed as an intermediate route around this section of Smoothie, funnelling through a steep-walled gully packed with incredibly tall and beautifully transitioning berms that will get you sideways and guaranteed plaster a smile on your face. Way Out is slated to open this Friday, July 19. All work on Smooth Smoothie will be complete by Friday as well, with the machine then moving on to Insanity One and Home Run for major reworks.

With the opening of Big Rock Ride and Barn Burner late last week, all trails are now open with the exception of Sugar and Sweet One. The top section of Sugar is set to open this Friday! Sugar will first be open to Homesteader Road, where riders will need to take 5 Mile Road down to Home Run or Holy Rollers. The lower and final section of Sugar is tentatively slated to open July 26. Stay tuned for updates!

See you on the trails,
Sun Peaks Bike Park Team 

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Canada Cup DH Race Recap

The Sun Peaks Bike Park hosted some of Canada's top riders this past weekend, for the second stop on both the BC Cup and Canada Cup race circuits. Thanks to Virtu Media and Deathgrip Racing for compiling this great edit!

Yeah Bro! Deathgrip Racing - BC/Canada Cup #2 Sun Peaks on Pinkbike

Photos: Sun Peaks Resort

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Sneak Peek - Park Opens Tomorrow at 10:00am!
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Opening Day Trail Report Online Now!

With the Sun Peaks Bike Park set to open this Friday, June 28, check out which trails we'll have open to ride!


Rain, rain, and more rain...

After a whopping 54mm of rain over 24 hours, the most Sun Peaks has seen over that period in nearly a decade, we thought it was high time to meet up with our dedicated and saturated trail crew to see how all their hard work had faired. Despite working all yesterday through monsoon-esque precipitation, morale remained high and the boys were stoked to have a machine at their disposal to get some bigger projects rolling.

“It’s great to see new features take shape so quickly right in front of your eyes,” trail crew veteran Scott commented when asked about the efficiency of having a machine on hand. It didn’t take long to see exactly what he was talking about.

The bottom of Insanity One where the trail meets 5 Mile Road was the first stop for the machine with a new high-speed berm feeding into a built-up road gap over 5 Mile Road, as well as a new drop after the road-gap leading you into Holy Rollers. Although the new drop was tarped and mostly hidden while we were snooping around, it was quite evident that it’ll soon send you rather large into the long and wide transition below.

Arm Pump has also seen some machine love, after Holy Rollers where it crosses Homesteader ski run. What was once a narrow and highly eroded section of singletrack is now a wide and smooth track with three short and long doubles to add flow, fun, and allow for improved drainage. This was starting to come together, however due to heavy rains was still too wet to do the new work any photo justice.

Smooth Smoothie is next on the hit list for the machine. Our signature beginner trail will see berms added to all corners as well as small rollers and fun features to keep you flowing better with less braking needed. Work on the intermediate level Home Run has also began, tearing out the bridges that necessitated harsh speed checks and rerouting these sections through newly built, forested singletrack.

The Flow Zone Dirt Jump Park is looking hungry for its first riders, with freshly buffed lips and flora encroaching from all directions. The lower section of Ain’t No Scrubs has also been tuned up and, granted now a little wet from all this rain, should be riding fast once the sun pays us a quick visit.

A steep, adrenaline rush of a ride at the best of times, Smitty’s Steeps was looking especially intimidating with a layer of saturated soil atop this narrow trench of a trail. Which begs the question, who will lay the first tracks down for 2013?

Before heading back to the office we decided to poke our heads into upper Sweet One to see just how bad the bug kill carnage was. Although the trail itself is nearly clear, there’s a tremendous amount of surrounding timber to be bucked up and removed before these trails will see the tools of the trail crew, or the first tire tread of the year for that matter. Contractors will be starting work tomorrow, bucking up fallen timber and clearing the trails so that our trail crew can finally get in and begin trail rehabilitation. Still no fixed date for reopening these signature trails but rest assured it’s a top priority and we’re doing all we can to revive them.

With a break in the weather expected for next week we’re confident we can still pull off a phenomenal opening day on June 28. Stay tuned for an update as to just which trails will be ready to ride next Friday, that update is slated to drop early on Wednesday, June 26. Until then keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine and wind to dry up the park!

See you on the trails,

Sun Peaks Bike Park Team 

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Canada Cup Race Course Walk

With just a little over two weeks until the Bike Park opens for the summer and another week on top of that until the second race on the Canada Cup circuit kicks off at Sun Peaks, we caught up with the race organizers as well as a number of integral Sun Peaks staff members for a full walk of the DH race course. Thanks to warm temperatures in early spring followed by heavy rains and persistent wind over the past few weeks, the entire course from top to bottom is free of snow and in phenomenal shape. So good, in fact, we were all itching to hit the trails ourselves in a couple weeks!

Racers will drop into the top of DH under the Elevation chairlift and bomb down nearly 2,000 vertical feet, hitting Holy Rollers and Arm Pump on their way to the finish line. Expect a little bit of everything on this course from brake-burning steeps on upper DH to flowing berms and rollers on Holy Rollers, tight and technical singletrack on Arm Pump and a high speed finish bringing you back to the slopeside patios.

After years of lapping these trails a couple things became abundantly clear; the race course has seen some serious love this spring with exceptional results, and walking DH trails is much tougher than rolling them. Reaching the finish we asked our Risk Management and Safety Programs Director if he had any words to pass on to racers en route to Sun Peaks this July.

“Practice, you’re going to have fun on this course!” 

Have a peek at the photo gallery below for a taste of what the course has in store, displayed in order as we descended the course. Whether you're planning on racing, snapping photos or just hanging out and basking in the energy that a Canada Cup Race promises to deliver, rest assured July 6-7 weekend will be one for the books!

See you on the trails,

Sun Peaks Bike Park Team 

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Three Weeks and Counting!

With just 3 weeks to go before opening day in the Sun Peaks Bike Park, we headed up the mountain to check on our trail crew and see how the trails are shaping up. We were anxious to ask Kevin, the trail crew boss, about our investment in the Bike Park and what to expect this summer.

"Things are looking really good,” he explained. “We're two weeks ahead of schedule on the lower half of the mountain. It’s looking promising for a good opening weekend and hopefully the warm weather continues to cooperate with us." 

With the countdown on, Kevin said he’s looking forward to the upcoming projects. 

“It'll be good to see the machines at work soon,” he said. “There's a lot I want to get done."

Preliminary work has been focused on the lower mountain including trails like Root Dog, Biker Cross, and Steam Shovel, however today we caught up with the boys on Insanity One. The entire line below 4 Road is getting a rework and the trail looks amazing! The infamous 'Twisted Sister' feature will still remain open but the newer 'racer style' route around was getting some love today, and will see some machine work in the coming weeks.

Insanity One is one of that trails that will see significant machine time this spring and into the riding season. We'll also have machines on Smooth Smoothie and Home Run doing substantial work, as well as various other locations within the park as needed.

With the Canada Cup coming to Sun Peaks on July 6 and 7 major work has been done to DH, Holy Rollers, and Arm Pump to make the race course more challenging and of course, more fun. The upper section of DH is still covered in snow but we ventured in below 4 Road and were pleasantly surprised by what we found. Kevin and the team have been hard at work on steeper berms, drops and other features. The trail is going to look great for opening day!

Next on the race course was Holy Rollers. The crew heard last summer's BC Cup racers loud and clear, and have made this section more technical with some tighter turns and drops. We headed below the creek crossing for a closer look and had a blast scrubbing the new lines on our Enduro bikes.

After heading down Holy Rollers, the trail crew had directed us towards Arm Pump. Once again, we were met with great trail conditions. Race day is going to be more exciting than ever and we can't wait to zip on the number plates and hear those beeps. For more information on the Canada Cup, click here.

Two weeks from now we'll be bringing you another trail update featuring the rest of the park, including the progress on re-opening Sugar and Sweet One as the bug kill carnage continues to be cleaned up. Summer 2013 is going to see the most significant investment in the Bike Park in over 5 years, it's no doubt going to be a stellar season up here!

See you on the trails,

Sun Peaks Bike Park Team 

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What's New & Exciting in the Park this Summer?

The snow has been quickly melting from Mt. Tod and we're excited to announce some huge plans for improvement in the Bike Park this summer!

Some serious love will be given to Smooth Smoothie, Home Run, Insanity One and Big Rock Ride. In addition to the regular maintenance and small improvements that our guests are used to seeing each year, some major work is slated to improve trail flow and, in turn, trail integrity and sustainability (i.e. less brake bumps thanks to less braking needed). The result will be trails that are easier on your bike, body, and all around more fun to ride!

Sugar and Sweet One will also be returning this summer with significant improvements after being decommissioned last year. After many years of accumulated bug kill and dead fall we were forced to close these signature trails for safety reasons. Trust us we missed them as much as you did, and they'll be back with a vengeance this summer!

With the return of the Canada Cup to the Sun Peaks Bike Park this July, more work will be happening on DH and Arm Pump to ensure that racers are met with the best course possible July 6-7. Operating a Park at 1850 metres comes with its challenges and as always we're at the mercy of Mother Nature, all trail work is subject to weather and snow melt. We'll keep you updated as trail work progresses through the spring and summer months, in the meantime enjoy those shuttle laps and we hope to see you on opening day, Friday June 28. LET'S RIDE!

Bike Park Opens Friday, June 28!

Until then, here's a little something to get you excited for this summer!

Sun Peaks Bike Park 2013 TEASER from Sun Peaks Resort TV on Vimeo.