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Meet Your Pro

The Sun Peaks Golf Course Professional knows our par 72 Graham Cooke designed course better than anyone and is excited to assist you in making the most of your golf experience on British Columbia's highest elevation course.

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Tips from the Pro to Improve Your Game

Finding the Right Posture
Finding the correct posture and stance in your swing will allow you to gain a much more consistent, straight shot, and will definitely shave a few strokes off your game.

First, get into a good athletic stance. Some call this the 'ready position'; good proportional bending throughout your ankle, knee, and hip. To easily find how much we should bend, take a leap in the air and as you land you'll find yourself using those three joints to absorb the force of landing. How you land will dictate your 'ready position', similar form to a tennis player's position when getting ready to return a serve. It's important to maintain a straight spine angle, beginner/amateur players have a tendency to reach down to the ball creating a bend in the upper spine. This bend will lead to inconsistent shots and in some cases can even lead to injury.

A straight spine will allow your body to move back and forth on a level axis, allowing your club to travel along a proper swing plane and hit straighter, more consistent shots. Maintain this spinal positioning throughout your entire swing, allowing your shoulders to travel along a consistent plane as you swing.

You've likely been advised, "don't lift your head" or "keep your eye on the ball", at some point through your golf career, improving your posture as outlined here will help with this cause and steer you towards making solid contact with the ball for longer, straighter shots.

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