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Meet Your Pro

The Sun Peaks Golf Course Professional knows our par 72 Graham Cooke designed course better than anyone and is excited to assist you in making the most of your golf experience on British Columbia's highest elevation course.

Jeff Cusick, Sun Peaks Resort Golf Professional
Originally hailing from Holland Landing in southwestern Ontario, Jeff has been living and golfing in western Canada for the past eight years and has been developing not only his skills on the links, but his demonstrative and coaching techniques as well. With an education in Pro Golf Management from Georgian College complimented by a concurrent apprenticeship with the CPGA, Jeff has since gained substantial industry experience as the Assistant pro at Sharon Ontario's Shawneeki Golf Club, and more recently with Whistler's Nicklaus North. Tee off with Jeff this summer and improve your game on BC's highest golf course!

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Tips from the Pro to Improve Your Game

Most amateurs tend to aim incorrectly on the golf course. The mistake is made when addressing the golf ball. Instead of setting your body alignment first, try lining up the clubface first with your target. To make things easier, stand behind the golf ball prior to addressing it. Then, determine your target line and pick a spot six inches in front of the ball to aim your clubface at. Lastly, set your feet, take a last look at the hole and swing. This should help with getting your golf ball started on the correct line.

Club Selection
Club selection is a vital part to knowing what shot to play on the golf course, therefore it's important to know how far you hit each iron in your bag. To determine your distance with each club, take ten balls and hit them with your 8 iron. Determine how far you hit the ball by taking the average of your ten shots. Your irons are made with 4 degrees of loft difference so you should have a 10 yard difference between each iron. For example if you hit your 8 iron 130 yards, your 9 iron should hit 120 yards and your 7 iron 140 yards. Being aware of these distances will make club selection throughout the course much easier.

A lot of short putts are missed because the face of the golf club opens or closes at the moment of impact. To prevent this from happening, shorten your back swing and lengthen your follow through to insure the putter is accelerating through impact. As well, soften your grip on the putter to relieve any tension in the hands. This should help you make more of those three footers and increase your putting confidence.

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